Statement of Purpose

Edelman partners with clients across a broad range of industries and global markets. Because we are retained as advocates on behalf of our clients, each engagement presents distinct opportunities and sometimes challenges. We believe clients deserve representation if they are committed to fact-based, truthful and transparent communications.

We have, and will continue to take, an informed approach to managing our portfolio, business strategy and client engagements in a manner consistent with our values. In addition, we evaluate all potential client engagements with regard to potential ethical, commercial, reputational and legal implications.

Edelman respects the diversity of our employees, our clients and the communities in which we do business. Recognizing that not every practitioner is suited to work on every account, and not every account is suited to every practitioner, Edelman supports an employee’s right to elect not to work on a piece of business that does not align with his or her personal beliefs. Edelman refuses to do business with entities that operate in a manner inconsistent with our corporate values.

As a communications firm, our job is to help clients tell their stories, which when done with integrity, will advance their interests. We believe that independently held, opposing views deserve to be heard in the court of public opinion and we assert our role as a firm to being advocates for our clients. Doing so doesn’t condone every action every client takes or imply implicit support for every position a client may adopt, but does reflect our absolute commitment and support of their right to exercise their freedom of expression. We reserve the right to express views and take positions as an institution that may differ from those of some of our clients.