As workforce dynamics evolve faster than ever, employees are now as belief-driven in selecting and staying with a company as a consumer is in buying and sticking with a brand.

At Edelman, we help organizations close the gap between employee expectation, perception and reality. We transform the way companies approach culture, change and communication – creating the conditions for exceptional business results powered by engaged, committed and loyal workforces – so that organizations can attract, retain and motivate the talent they need to drive forward their business strategy, today and in the ‘next normal’. We understand the complex employer-employee relationship. According to our latest Edelman Trust Barometer , employers are substantially more trusted than government, media and even NGOs.

But there is frailty in the employer-employee dynamic. With high trust comes high expectation. Employees expect to have a voice. They expect their CEOs to embody the organization’s values. They want to be involved in planning and partnering to co-create the future. They want to know their job has a meaningful social impact.


The Edelman Approach

We start each assignment by asking: how can we reach the hearts and minds of employees?

To find the answer, we begin with research, deploying a data-driven approach and industry-leading tools to diagnose the current situation and the opportunities.

The insight we uncover fuels lucid clarity and powerful creativity to develop the solution.

We shape three critical dimensions of the employee experience: Culture; Change; and Communication

  • Culture - We help organizations identify and articulate the employee experience that they promise and deliver by creating an Employee Value Proposition that captures the defining qualities of the employee experience, and bringing it to life through a differentiating Employer Brand that aligns with their business strategy.
  • Change - We guide organizations through change, supporting employees through the disruption and uncertainty of transformation – taking a people-first approach to Change Management and Change Communications.
  • Communication - We help leaders and organizations engage and connect with their employees in a contemporary, employee-centric way – partnering with business leaders to create resonant and relevant Leadership Communications and with communications and HR departments to produce Internal Communications that cut through the clutter.