Our unique approach to influencer programming delivers both top- and bottom-line results for clients. Data-driven, earned-centric and social-by-design, our strategy is customized to break through the cluttered digital landscape with relevant and effective storytelling.

Audience Integration: We work across the entire influencer ecosystem with a focus on integration to reach and engage audiences through cultural influencers, thought influencers and earned media – spanning from macro to nano, from awareness to conversion.

Intelligent Vetting: Our intelligent vetting process ensures real impact, leveraging a suite of tools along with human and machine analysis to identify the right voices to tell the story, while also preventing against fraud and fake followers.

Authentic Co-Creation: Balancing brand and influencer expertise in content creation, we craft authentic stories that earn attention and engagement by tapping into consumer, culture, and brand insights.

True Impact: Our approach to measurement establishes a framework against the unique objectives of each client initiative or campaign, aligning distribution strategies, key metrics, and optimizations from top to bottom funnel.