Understanding the minds of Generation Z in Hong Kong


As the influential power of Generation Z grows as the generation matures, the world continues to sharpen its focus on how this cohort is causing evolutions across global markets and industries. What has been commonplace in the past is no longer effective in the face of the younger generation's changing values, new mindsets, and differing ideals. 

Through our consumer studies at Edelman, we have previously explored the ways in which Gen Z in Hong Kong differ from Generation X. This year, we investigated the impact of Gen Z's values and sentiments have on their relationships with brands and their purpose and careers.

What inspired this study?

While much research and many studies have targeted Gen Z on a global scale, few have taken a close look at those living in Hong Kong specifically. If the latest news articles are to be believed, Gen Z are more proactive in pursuing their happiness - quietly quitting their jobs and seeking lifestyles where they can prioritize their happiness.

These global findings are showing Gen Z as a highly purpose-driven generation, who also lack loyalty to brands and are labelled as difficult to work with by employers. Cancel culture is also spreading as people and brands are held to higher standards than ever. Taken altogether, how do all of these trends intertwine and how do they define Gen Z? We fielded our own research to explore whether these global themes apply to Gen Z in Hong Kong.

Gen Z prefer conducting their own detailed research to inform purchase decisions, and don't want to be sold to by ads or influencers.

They care most about understanding the hard facts and whether a product or brand can actually meet their needs and help improve their lives.

Socials causes that feel most relevant to their own lives are more important for Gen Z.

Unlike global Gen Z who place importance on inclusion and sustainability, issues that relate directly to youth like youth empowerment, mental health, and talent excellence matter more to Hong Kong Gen Z.

A stable working environment is more enticing to Gen Z than the size or prestige of a company.

Pay will always reign the top factor in considering an employer, but location and office facilities pull a close second. Stability is also top of mind for Gen Z who are anxious about economic uncertainty.

What can brands and employers do?

Gen Z are focused on developing their talents, finances, or career prospects in order to pursue a more secure and fulfilling future. Actions drive trust. Brands and employers need to note when to engage this generation. 

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