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Lung cancer is one of the leading cancer killers in Hong Kong but a lot of people do not find it relevant to them. We want to tell public how ‘random’ the disease is and that everyone can be the next victim. We launched #ABreathOfHope Filter Challenge which asked public to share their breath on social media to raise fund for the lung cancer community and buld awareness of the disease and its impacts.


Lung Cancer is one of the leading cancer killers in Hong Kong. AstraZeneca has always been devoted to raising public awareness about lung cancer through its A Breath of Hope initiative. However, the public in general finds it hard to relate to lung cancer and are not motivated to find out more.

We were tasked to create more awareness on the disease, engage and educate the wider public, and garner support and understanding on the disease/lung cancer patients.


With the Covid-19 and social distancing measures in HK, it was difficult to connect with people in physical event. The lung cancer community also faced difficulty in travelling around the city to have medical consultations.

We took the digital approach to launch a challenge online to raise fund for the transportation of the lung cancer community to visit the doctors. We launched a filter on Facebook and Instagram and the charity elements would encourage users to share with friends for viral purpose. We invited people to genuinely support this 'less fortunate' group as we all can be the next victim.


In 2021 Jan, we launched #ABreathofHope filter Challenge on Facebook and Instagram which encouraged public to use a specially designed AR filter to blow a virtual dandelion to spread hope. Partnering with a cancer related NGO, we would donate HKD50 to the NGO for every five participations of the challenge.

We educated people on the randomness of lung cancer and engaged patient, celebrity caregiver and doctor to produce a video to tell the story that everyone can be a victim of lung cancer. The campaign was amplified with influencer partnerships, paid boosting, as well as paid and earned media.




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Marketing Interactive PR Awards 2021

Best PR Campaign
Digital Communications – Silver

SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific

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Health Care - Pharmaceutical: RX – Shortlisted