The Opening of HKPM

Hong Kong Palace Museum / West Kowloon Cultural District Authority

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Following the successful opening of M+, Edelman Hong Kong once again worked hand in hand with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to launch the city’s newest arts and cultural landmark – the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Through a holistic communication program interweaving with three-phased approach, the HKPM sets to become one of the world’s leading cultural institutions committed to the appreciation of Chinese art and culture, while advancing dialogue among world civilisations.



It was even more challenging to launch HKPM than M+ amid the pandemic and the city’s prolonged border closures. Given the severe pandemic situation early this year, which caused delays in some of the fit-out and installation works in the galleries, last-minute changes to the plans of various media events were inevitable, giving us limited time to devise the strategies.

In addition, as the HKPM is a collaborative project between the WKCDA and the Palace Museum funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, feedback from various stakeholders must be factored in when planning for the events.

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Edelman successfully launched the HKPM, which opened its door to the public in July 2022.


Edelman devised a holistic communication program interweaving a three-phased approach targeting various audiences from May to September 2022, and further complemented the program with proactive and reactive publicity for local, regional, and international media.

From building anticipation during its pre-opening period, to driving interest during its soft launch and grand opening, and to driving visitation post-opening, Edelman has devised various media angles with a robust story bank to build up and sustain the momentum for HKPM opening across the three phases. These story angles include architectural & interior highlights, highlights of thematic exhibitions and ticketing arrangements, etc.


To maintain the visibility of the HKPM throughout the three phases, Edelman organized a series of media events and interviews to communicate the HKPM story; we had identified a list of target media and planned for in-depth quality stories and documentaries that could best illustrate the unique features and vision of the museum.

For example, one of the key highlights of the HKPM is that it embodies the aesthetics of traditional Chinese architecture executed with modern architectural techniques in both its interior and exterior designs, while resonating with the rich architecture and culture of the Forbidden City. To help the media understand this concept, apart from organizing a media tour, Edelman had also arranged a small media briefing and a series of 1:1 interviews for the chief architect on the following day, where he could share his visions more in-depth.


Edelman generated over 3,300 pieces of coverage on the HKPM from the pre-opening period to its official opening. The coverage was yielded from different types of media including broadcast, print and new media, covering various sections such as general news, art and culture, lifestyle, finance, and education.

The extensive media coverage has also made a positive impact on ticket sales, with over 100,000 admissions recorded since ticket sales commenced on June 14th and over 270,000 admission tickets sold in July and August, showing the public's fervent support to the HKPM.


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