HK Science & Technology Parks Corp (HKSTP)

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A 2-phase (each phase approx 3 months) branding campaign for HK Science Park to help position HK’s status as a leading innovation & tech hub in Asia and the world to attract overseas corporations/startups, investment and top talent to HK, while also attracting talent locally to pursue I&T and to retain talent in the sector and in HK. Involving overall strategy, narrative, website design and development/maintenance as well as content strategy, production and paid amplification program on social channels/search.


HKSTP is tasked to build and promote HK as a leading innovation and technology (I&T) hub. It has successfully built a rich innovation and technology ecosystem characterized by pioneering entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, startups as well as unicorns (major IPOs, big Chinese tech firms). But there’s a perception that HK is falling behind cities like Singapore and losing out to Shenzhen as a tech hub on the rise. The goal was to reverse this and revitalize the HK I&T brand in the face of the added challenge of social and geopolitical factors becoming the focus of the news agenda.


The “10X” concept arose from the Silicon Valley ethos in engineering and innovation – HK is the destination to come and “10X” your idea, innovation and business.

The strategy was to focus on the standout elements of HK’s I&T successes.

  1. Positioning: Singapore may have more start-ups, but HK has more success with scale-ups, unicorns, IPOs.
  2. Innovation that matters and succeeds.
  3. HK’s unique spirit and mindset: innovators rising to the challenge.


The HK10X website launched in Nov 2020, involving an integrated campaign with owned and paid media in a combination of original content from HK10X website, plus media partnership content from SCMP, HK01 and Ming Pao Daily, and globally through Economist, TechinAsia and SCMP.

The campaign featured human stories around the “Pioneers” - a blend of startup founders (local and overseas) on a mission to innovate, plus scientists and innovators who truly broke new ground. The ‘Transformation” and “Opportunities” stories highlighted the high potential sectors of resilience and opportunity for HK and its unique position in the GBA.


Overall traffic and engagement KPIs were exceeded. Hit overall targets for HK and SE Asia audience. Audience targeting by sector was successful with most site visitors from IT / Tech services, Computer Software, Internet, FS and Investment sectors.

In addition, there were consistent and enthusiastic buy-in from local I&T communities. HK10X’s “pioneer” positioning has become a synonymous part of HKSTP’s own messaging and subsequent campaigns – driving a consistent thread that HKSTP is bringing the HK I&T ecosystem to life. Positive anecdotal feedback from HKSTP’s park companies – reigniting ‘HK pride’ in innovation and technology.


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