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To raise awareness of HSBC Try Rugby Programme in opening up a world of opportunity for HK kids and to support children’s wellbeing during the pandemic when schools were closed, our strategy was to speak to academic-driven HK parents to debunk the myths of rugby and demonstrate how skills learned from rugby support children’s future success. The integrated campaign centered around a video series was launched on a new e-learning microsite. It was amplified through paid, owned and earned channels. Successfully raised awareness and drove participation to the Programme in supporting children’s wellbeing through play and learn during pandemic. 


The HSBC Try Rugby Programme is a partnership with the Hong Kong Rugby Union and Education University HK that opens up a world of opportunities for children through learning and play. 

Amidst the impact of COVID-19, 58.1% of primary students reported a decrease in physical activities. With schools out of session, how could we re-channel our efforts to continue making a positive impact for kids?

That’s when we turned our attention to engaging with parents and kids directly, with the ambition to inspire families to give rugby a try. Another challenge – getting through to Hong Kong parents who are intently focused academic achievements and may be unaware of rugby benefits.


In order to engage with parents and kids amidst the pandemic, break the myths of rugby and highlight the lifelong skills that children can benefit from rugby, we created a new interactive video series featuring Kay Ho, celebrity host of the TV show ‘Super Daddy’, and Christy Cheng, a HK Sevens Player, the content focuses on 'Awareness', 'Confidence', 'Preparation', 'Problem Solving' and 'Teamwork’. The 5-part introduction to the sport aims inspire families to give rugby a try by offering a wide range of exciting games, challenges and activities that can be played almost anywhere.  

In order to bring the video to life and showcase how easy families can enjoy the sport together, we’ve tied in touch rugby with classic childhood games like “Tic tac toe” and “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” to make the game more relatable to Hong Kong audiences. 


In partnership with HKRU, we created a new e-learning platform for teachers, parents and kids to learn about rugby through the fun and interactive video series. We put in place a 6-week paid media campaign, driving video views and clicks to the microsite. To pique interest amongst parents, we engaged Kay Ho to share his personal experience as well as putting him forward along with two rugby professionals for in-depth media interviews. 

We partnered with SCMP, for a female rugby coach to share her journey, debunking existing perception of rugby being a male-focused sport, as well as working with HK01 to host trial sessions for 45 kids to experience rugby. 


In 6 weeks, our social content has amassed 45,000+ impression with 2400+ engagement. There were 72000+ website visits on HSBC Try Rugby that lead to 61 new teachers and 21 new schools to join the HSBC Try Rugby Programme.

We’ve garnered over 3.3M+ reach from earned coverage and 80% of them highlighted HSBC’s ambition and efforts to support youngsters through learning and play.

On the participation side, we have received 200+ website enquiries from interested parents and teachers to learn about the programme.


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